Be it an Arangetram, a professional production, or a concert of classical or folk music, Shankaraa has a space for any form of performing arts. Artists who approach us have a wide variety of spaces to choose from which not only indicates that there is a perfect space for every need, but also challenges our young artists to think beyond the typical stage.

The spaces at Shankaraa, especially the new Damru proscenium stage is equipped with customisable seating arrangements and state-of-the-art light, sound, and tech support to enhance any performance experience.


Shankaraa is proud to have hosted numerous special events on request; holistic, traditional, and in line with the ethos of the space. We welcome the most auspicious and important events to be conducted here, in the midst of green and tranquil nature.

Whether it’s the beginning of a new chapter of life, the naming of a new member of the family, an initiation into a spiritual life or the marking of a special occasion, Shankaraa is happy and proud to be part of your celebrations.

Over the years Shankaraa have become a coveted venue for traditional wedding ceremonies and other ritualistic ceremonies in South Bangalore.


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