Under Hastanjali comes the State-Initiated Design Centre and a skill-development programme, where artisans are able to design, create, and market their crafts in the best possible manner.

SIDC (State Initiated Design Centre), supported by the Ministry of Textiles and Handicrafts, has been created to impart self-sustaining skills in crafts to practitioners.

Hastanjali’s skill development programme works towards protecting the lineage of artisans and their craft, by identifying talented young members from artisan families and connecting them with urban designers with effective marketing strategies to succeed in a new environment. To assist this initiative, a fully equipped Computer Aided Design Centre serves as the core of SIDC.

Hastanjali hopes to provide support to artisans maintaining traditional practices without having to look towards other means of livelihood. Shankara Foundation has partnered with leading manufacturing units to help us understand production, scaling, and quality control processes better.