“Dance, to me, is the distillation of life; a vocabulary facilitating subliminal communication and a journey into the core of my being.”

-Rashme Hegde Gopi


As a dancer and cultural ambassador of India, Rashme Hegde Gopi has taken the classical arts around the world, travelling as a soloist first and as a choreographer later in her career. Rashme is the recipient of both national and international accolades for her contribution to the performing arts. She is a Karnataka State Rajyotsava awardee and has also been bestowed with the prestigious Karnataka Kalashree Award from Sangeet Nritya Academy. Her performances have been featured extensively in media publications around the world, that are appreciated by audiences far and wide.

Rashme - The Choreographer

In recent years, Rashme has expanded her horizons by composing several unique dance ballets. She distils her understanding of the scriptures, mythology, dance vocabularies, dramaturgy, classical music, and folk legends into her craft and creates evocative classical dance ballets. Her work is mystical, deeply spiritual and is supported by lucid technical vocabulary- making it relevant and accessible to all kinds of audiences.

Rashme’s choreographies know no boundaries. She has worked with a cross-section of performers ranging from street children to seasoned artistes. For Rashme and the performing arts unit of Shankaraa, the world has been their stage.

Social Entrepreneur

Rudraksha – Bridging cultures

To keep the tribal and folk dance forms alive, and to continue the legacy of classical dance forms, Rashme initiated Rudraksha; a visually engaging open air theatre. It is here that Rashme began showcasing Indian culture and ethnic cuisine to corporate delegates and heritage groups. Today, 25 years after its inception, Rudraksha remains an unforgettable cultural experience.

Shankara Foundation – A Legacy for the Future

In a world undergoing mercurial change, Rashme yearned to create a sacrosanct space where art and culture, in all its manifestations, could thrive. In the memory of her late father, philanthropist and industrialist Sri Shankar Hegde, Rashme embarked on the journey of a lifetime and the Shankara Foundation was born.

Today, Shankaraa is a space where all kinds of artistic expressions – performances, workshops, discussions, conferences, seminars, demonstrations, residencies, and so much more – are nurtured, supported in a meaningful way, promoted and celebrated.

It is a space defined by a passion for the arts; a passion that is heartfelt and conscientious.